We offer the latest in CPR training techniques, and specialise in CPR and first aid for babies and toddlers. This course is suitable for parents, domestic workers, au-pair and even grannies!

Our Save-a-Child First Aid course covers the following:

  • CPR : Resuscitation of an unconscious baby, toddler and adult
  • Assessing an injury / level of responsiveness
  • Emergency procedures: Routine to follow
  • Calling for help: Who, How and When to call
  • Choking, drowning, poisoning, head & neck injuries
  • Animal bites/ stings, wounds, bleeding, shock, burns, fractures, snake & spider bites, childhood ailments
  • HIV/AIDS, safety in the home….and much more!!

We offer as part of our course, an Interactive, Hands-on, 3 hour CPR & choking course offering the delegates:

  • An Interactive DVD to watch
  • Plenty of hands-on practice on our CPR Dummies
  • A Brilliantly set out and illustrated course manual
  • A certificate valid for two years

EDUCARE is registered with the South African Resuscitation Council, and runs American Heart Association approved courses.

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